Anacortes Advisory Committee on Accessibility Issues

A note from Kirk Kennedy & Sylvia Cooper:

Exciting news for people with disabilities in Anacortes, their family & friends and those serving this community. 

Please consider attending this information meeting of Anacortes’ newly forming ACAC committee, whose mission is, “To improve the quality of life for residents and visitors with disabilities by eliminating or modifying barriers burdening them.”  To be effective, our ACAC needs input from people with a wide range of disabilities and those who support people with disabilities (spouses, caregivers, professionals, etc.).    Click here to visit ACAC webpage on City’s site.

Here’s the proposed agenda for the meeting:

Accessibility Community Advisory Committee-Anacortes

June 26 @ 3:00 – 4:00pm

Anacortes Senior activity Center


  • Welcome
  • Introductions
    • Presenter
    • Meeting Attendees-Share interest in accessibility issues
  • Review purpose of ACAC and what we hope to accomplish
  • Discuss ACAC in Skagit County and Anacortes’ Pilot Program
  • Discuss what we hope to accomplish in Anacortes
  • Discussion with attendees, questions, comments, opportunities or concerns
  • How to get involved
  • Next Steps

If you think you may attend, please let Sylvia Cooper ( know they will save you a seat.  (Actually, knowing how many people may attend helps us plan to set up the room).  If you would like to attend, but are unable to, please also let Sylvia know that you would to receive communications about the ACAC.

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