Grocers Open during the Pandemic

Safeway (360)293-5393 hours are 6 am until 1 am.  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 am until 9am Seniors will have priority for in-store shopping.  (SW cannot, obviously, bar  non-Seniors from shopping but hoping people will allow Seniors to shop without large crowd during stated time on these two days of the week.
Safeway has delivery orders also.  Go to it’s website for Anacortes WA Safeway.
P.S. It is nice to tip home delivery person $3-5.

The Market 360 588 8181: hours are 6 am until 10  or
the>anacortes. “Curbside” ordering service takes orders (over phone) between 7 am and noon; you pick up your order later.

The Store is at south end of Anacortes–beyond the round -bout–919  37th St.  360 293 2851.  Hours are 7 am -7 pm.  It has delii open from 7 am until 2 pm.  Known for bakery goods too.

Old Salts  in Skyline open also.  1900 Skyline Way across from clubhouse.  360 293 0618  Hours are 6:30 am – 9 pm

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